Green Web Hosting Company is 100% Powered by Wind Energy

Web hosting companies are renowned for their massive power consumption, required to keep hundreds or even thousands of servers humming away 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here at Windup Battery, with sustainability and conservation of the planet always in mind, and also knowing how difficult it can be to decide on a decent web host, an exiting moo-ve from a forward-looking hosting company called Fatcow has caught my eye and may be of great interest to anyone who cares for Planet Earth.  This innovative webhosting company are celebrating the completion of their first year of being 100% powered by wind energy.  Established in 1998, Fatcow took the eco-friendly bull by the horns in July 2009, in partnerships with Community Energy and the Green Power Partnership, to ensure that the energy used to power Fatcow's offices and datacenters is 100% wind energy, and it's planned that this will be a permanent setup.  

Rather than have their own actual wind farm and turbines, the way that Fatcow ensures that all of its energy use is effectively based on wind-power is by buying Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to cover all of their power consumption. These Renewable Energy Certificates represent green wind-powered energy, which is fed into the electrical grid, thus reducing the grid's take-up of fossil-fuel produced energy.

Fatcow have a reputation for being for being both a friendly and reliable company, as well as being a host who takes positive steps to improve the world around us all.   Back in 2003, Fatcow donated 50 cents from every new customer's annual webhosting fee toward a not-for-profit farm animal rescue organisation dedicated to saving animals that are no longer wanted by their owners.  Then in October 2008, the company recocognised Breast Cancer Awareness Month by giving $1 to the American Cancer Society for every new customer who signed up during that month.

As well as the impressive philanthropy, Fatcow makes sure that its customers are happy too, with a lavish range of features at a value-for-money price.  Just some of the highlights of their service include:

Unlimited number of domains and subdomains per account.  Whether you have one site, 10 sites or more you can host them all on your single Fatcow account for the same single charge.

Unlimited bandwith data transfer.
Unlmited disk space.
Unlimited email accounts.  POP email with spam filtering will deliver the good emails to your Outlook or other email program whilst removing the junk mail to save you time.

24 hour, 7 days a week fast support by phone, email and live chat.  Plus, Fatcow's hosting network is completely redundant for outstanding reliability.  
PHP 4 and 5 support, Python and your own CGI directory to ensure that all your scripting needs are met.
Unlmited MySQL databases.
 Free Shopping cart for your ecommerce site.  Use this with ShopSite Starter online store, also included free, and you'll be up and running ready to sell your products in only slightly more than the blink of an eye..
Accept customers' credit cards on your site.
Shared SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure your visitors can transmit their information securely.
PayPal Shopping Cart integration.
Daily backups to give you peace of mind.
. Step by step tutorials to guide you in the right direction and ensure you're getting the most out of your hosting plan.
Customizable Control Panel to administer and maintain your hosting, and easily install applications.  Fatcow's control panel is their own upgraded and improved version of vDeck.  It has been described as being as extensive as the popular (but expensive) cpanel, yet easier to use.

A library of useful applications to easily and quickly install on your website including the popular Wordpress blogging platform, Joomla CMS and phpBB forum, plus poll, survey and counter tools.
A choice of methods to upload your html and other files.  You can use Ftp (file transfer protocol) or SFTP (secure ftp) using an ftp program like WS-FTP, Filezilla or Cute FTP.   Alternatively, you can  use the free drag and drop site builder included in your hosting account's control panel to create perfectly designed webpages in minutes.  The video below demonstrates how easy and quick it is to use the sitebuilder, with no html or design skills required and no software to install.

30 day money back guarantee, plus Fatcow prides itself on maintainint its Heifercratic Oath, a set of 7 important promises of quality, including answeing telephone calls in under 2 mintes on average each day.  If they do not meet their 7 promises, they'll give you a credit equal to a month's free hosting.  
You can order a fatcow hosting plan wherever you are in the world.

If reliable eco-friendly hosting at a great price with friendly quick service is what you need Fatcow could well be the place to go to.  Whether you're an individual or a small or medium sized business, hosting at Fatcow will give you the green factor at an affordable price too.
Wind Up Battery gives Fatcow a gold award for innovative thinking and friendly service.