Wave Energy

Wave Hub the World's Largest Wave Energy Test Site gets Plugged in to the Power Grid

This past week, on Tuesday 2nd November 2010, the world's largest wave energy test site was plugged in to the United Kingdom's National power grid and has undergone its first full tests. Declared as officially open for business, the project known as Wave Hub, located off the shores of Cornwall in South West England is the culmination of over 7 years' work to produce a world-leading site where various different wave power technologies can be trialled to see how well they work and how much power they can generate.

CETO Wave Energy aims to produce 50% of Mauritius' Power Requirements

Imagine buoys seven metres in diameter submerged three metres below the sea's surface. The wave motion against these buoys operates turbines which pump the water at very high pressure through a pipeline to a generatore on the shore.  Once ashore the pressurisied water powers the generator to produce electricity. That's how the CETO Wave Energy Technology system works. This revolutionary new technique has been developed by the Australian Carnegie Corporation.