Solar Power

Solar Heating Panels and other Components of a Solar Hot Water System

Solar heating components 

Flat collector

The frequently used flat collector panels include a housing isolated with a transparent covering of the solar radiation absorber. The absorber is generally a sheeting of dark copper, with a special coating, which absorbs heat and transmits it to a heat transfer fluid. The heated fluid is transported towards the tank by pipes.

Solar Heating Information: Installation of a Heat System for Homes.

As part of Wind Up Battery’s push to get everyone thinking about renewable energy, we present, just in time for the summer, a real summer theme: solar energy.  Here, it is not a question of photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy into electricity, but of thermal solar installations, that is to say the production of heat using solar heat collectors.  Unlike photovoltaic systems where extremely complex physical processes transform the sunlight into electric current, solar heating is within the reach of everyone:  the solar radiation which hits the collector is transformed

Organic Photovoltaic Cells Gaining on Traditional Solar Technology

If inorganic semiconductors are currently top of the heap in pholtovoltaic technology, organic molecules with identical properties are starting to appear, which could knock the inorganic semiconductors off of the top of that green energy production heap.